Akphivath Neary Khmer Organization (ANKO) was established in 21 June 2012 and registered with the Ministry of the Interior of Cambodia (#799 Sor Chor Nor) that formed from Poor Family Development (PFD) Pursat branch. ANKO currently has had 18 staff members. ANKO’s program focus on providing supported for vulnerable women and children. The program of organization is being implemented in strategy areas in the five districts and a town in Pursat province.

ANKO has strategy plan focus on four sectors:

  • Community Health Strengthening: Promote better health for Poorest Cambodian, especially Women and Children in target areas through strengthening skills and knowledge of Poorest Community People, especially women and children in primary health care and HIV/AID home based care and prevention
  • Income generation: Promote the economic development of Poorest Cambodian, especially Most Vulnerable Women and Children Cambodian in target areas in cooperation and collaboration with private sectors, local authorities, government departments through strengthening agricultural skills of the target groups in producing high quality of agriculture products and facilitate the development of marketing channel
  • Environment/ climate change: Improve the capacity of the Poorest Cambodian, especially Women and Children in cooperation and collaboration with the government specialized departments, local authorities and local based organizations through strengthening skills  to adapt to the Environmental Climate Change and Environmental Conservation
  • Good governance and Gender development : ANKO will continue to use the following strategic program approaches as
  •  Protection, Prevention of Gender Based Violence and Children’s Right Abuse, with a clear preference for improving access of women to economic opportunities,
  •  Improving access of Female Children to Education,
  •  Community Based Activities to achieve the goals of protection, prevention
  •  Referral services activities and awareness raising on laws to protect the women and children rights.                                           
  • Poorest Cambodian, especially most vulnerable Women and Children  are living in a Society with Quality of life, Social Justice, Harmonization, Solidarity and to obtain their universal rights.
  • Empower Poorest Cambodian, especially Women and Children to participate equally in social, development and economic development activities for Cambodia Society.
  • GOALS:
  • Akphivath Neary Khmer Organization (ANKO)’s work is trying to provide opportunities for poorest Cambodian, especially most vulnerable women and children to lead their dignified lives as the universal objective. This implies that ANKO is considering Poverty and Inequality as an affront to social justice. Taking this assumption as starting points, ANKO needs to interpret the national and local realities and we defend, as organization, an approach to cooperation for development which promotes capacities of target group to enjoy human liberties and to access equal opportunities to obtain the Universal Human Rights.
  • Transparency.
  • Accountability.
  • Non-partisans.
  • Sodality
  • Cooperation